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Free Monthly Support Groups

Come to our free monthly support groups where we meet, talk, network, and share stories and information. These are free events and everyone is welcome – lupus patients, family members, and friends.

Our Carlsbad group meets on the second Wednesday of the month and our San Diego group meets on the third Saturday of the month.

April Meeting

Date: Saturday, April 17, 2021
10:30 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.
Location: Zoom Meeting Room


While most of those living with Lupus are women, many men are also diagnosed. This month, we're honored and excited to hear from our President Gerardo Becerra, Board Member Emmitt Henderson III, and Tony Sosa, as they share Lupus from a Male's Point of View.


Gerardo Becerra

I’ve struggled with lupus for 39 years now.  I’ve been a volunteer for LFSC for 38 years serving in several positions in the foundation such as: Vice-President, Chairman of the Community Awareness Committee and Facilitator of the Male Support Group, and I currently proudly serve as its President.  I’m a strong Lupus Advocate.  To make a difference in lupus patients’ lives, I traveled three times to Washington, D.C. representing LFSC & its membership to speak with Congressional Representatives and other advocates for an increase in federal funding for lupus research. I’ve also traveled to Sacramento to advocate for funding for San Diego bio-tech firms for lupus research.

In addition to lupus, I have RA and a Cancer & heart attack survivor. I am a Health & Wellness Advocate in addition to being a Social Services Professional.  Working to make a difference in the community.


Emmitt Henderson III

I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus back in 1995. As I got to learn about Lupus, I learned it was rare in men. For the first three years, I kept it to myself because as a man, it was embarrassing to explain to people what Lupus was. I couldn't help the flares and I was getting hospitalized a lot. Friends were concerned but all I would tell them is that I had an autoimmune disease.

Through the years with lupus, I've been through major complications in my life because of it. Through it all, I've maintained a positive outlook on everything because of my strong Mental Health. I became stronger mentally where I was ready to accept whatever lupus brought to me physically.  It made me the Warrior I am today.

I created my brand Male Lupus Warriors because that is exactly what I am. My goal for Male Lupus Warriors is to educate, inspire and spread awareness on Lupus and to let everyone know that men get Lupus too. I also hope to encourage men to speak out on their illnesses and come together to help others. I speak on Lupus and Mental Health in hope to encourage people to not be a victim to their illness but to live the life they intended to for themselves and their families.


Tony Sosa

I'm 26 years old and have had lupus (SLE) for three years now. I was literally never sick prior to being diagnosed with lupus and was as active as a person could be, cycling, running, hiking, and weightlifting, almost every single day. I worked as a firefighter on a hand crew with the USFS in 2016. Like many lupus patients, the symptoms came out of nowhere from night to day and began to get worse, attacking every part of my body; creeping to my organs on a nonstop path of destruction getting worse every day. I was forced to stop working for almost two years, being seriously hospitalized multiple times. This was the absolute hardest period of my life. Thankfully, trial and error, my doctors and I found a combination of meds that are helping manage lupus better than expected. The BIGGEST improvements though, have been through diet and fasting along with faith. I'm back to consistently training and exercising harder than I was when I was on the crew, and I'm in better shape than I was before. I credit these improvements to my support system around me, diet, and above all my faith in Christ.

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